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Surface Beauty offers clients access to some of the most talented and experienced artists, skin therapists, and stylists that currently work in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industry.

Starting her career as a pro makeup artist for film, runway, and commercials to beauty director for luxury department stores such as Nordstom, Saks Fifth Ave.,  and Barneys of New York, becoming Orange Counties premiere lash expert wasn’t more than a wink for Miki Garcia. Miki is proud of her customer service background, always believing in inspiring the client and providing a professional customized experience every time.

This new and innovative device allows the skincare professional to remove unsightly skin lesions in a matter of seconds.  This device uses a very precise jet of highly compressed liquified nitrous oxide (N2O) to destroy benign lesions, such a warts, skin tags, and age spots. The Cryo freezes the lesion’s inter-cellular fluid, forming ice crystals, which subsequently rupture the cell membrane, destroying the cell. The high precision applicator tips allow for a very targeted treatment, ensuring that only the lesion is being treated, and not the healthy tissue around it. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of post-treatment hypo-pigmentation, and makes the Dermapen Cryo™ safe for all areas of the face and body, even near the eyes.